Nike “Flyknit” // Shawn Sundby

ASUS “Making Waves” // Shawn Sundby

Florida Health Care “Someday” // Shawn Sundby

adidas “Flashback” // Shawn Sundby

Director: Shawn Sundby

Shawn started at the bottom, literally, grinding rust off the bottoms of grip trucks. That he sees this as a good way to start a career tells you a lot about Shawn.

A Director/DP with a strong visual sensibility, Shawn has shot for adidas, Nike, Levi’s, Proctor & Gamble, and more. Being a really nice, no nonsense guy – and a dad – helps him relate as a director to everyone from media savvy pro athletes to young kids. Even when he’s not working, Shawn is surrounded by gorgeous visuals, living in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge.