Children’s Defense Fund “Cierra” // Svetlana Cvetko

Fruttare “Performance” // Svetlana Cvetko

The Actors’ Gang “Behind The Mask” // Svetlana Cvetko

End Gun Violence // Svetlana Cvetko

Naturepedic “Our Suppliers” // Svetlana Cvetko

Director: Svetlana Cvetko

Svetlana literally means light, perfect for a director/DP who brings energy and lightness to every set.

She’s lensed OSCAR® winning and nominated docs, her directorial work has won prizes in Films de Femmes and the LA Shorts Festival. Passionate about creativity & performance Cvetko makes every image cinematic – whether in a California prison, or a candy shop in India. Svetlana is a bad ass who makes beautiful images.