Territory are our powerhouse design, VFX and animation partners. Based in London and San Francisco, they helped create the look of films such as Blade Runner 2049, Ready Player One and Guardians of the Galaxy. Their artistry has even been exhibited at London’s Barbicon Centre.

Territory also created and installed a 36 foot long, 7 minute looping futuristic cityscape that is the centerpiece of Dolby Laboratory’s headquarters in San Francisco. Current work includes 007 Elements, a cinematic tour through the world of James Bond, housed inside a futuristic mountaintop lair in Sölden, Austria.

See more of Territory by clicking here: Territory Studio

Sky Sport Super League // Territory Studio

Sizzle // Territory Studio

Land Rover “Vision” // Territory Studio

Head “Motion Reel” // Territory Studio

Sony “PS4 FIFA” // Territory Studio

Santander “London Grand Prix” // Territory Studio