Who We Are

Double-Wide is a team of experienced and passionate storytellers. We promote entertainment in all forms, we produce commercials, we tell brand stories. Everything we do is informed by the simple principle that audiences – now inundated by messaging – aren’t content to simply watch and absorb those messages; they need a reason to feel engaged. This can only come from consistently fresh creative and powerful branding, so that’s how we roll.
At Double-Wide, we can take clients from soup to nuts on any project: creative services and consulting, productions big and small, multicultural marketing, strategic and media planning, editorial, art direction, and visual effects supervision.

Commercial production
Brand creative
Branded content creative, production and editorial
Production services around the world
Full-service AV, digital creative and editorial
Multicultural marketing targeting AA and Hispanic audiences
Media planning and strategy consulting
Social media strategy and execution


danielle Danielle Lovett
Owner/Executive Producer

Danielle is a California girl by way of Oklahoma. Born in San Francisco, her parents bought a farm near Tulsa, where she was raised. After college, she moved to New York and worked at Chiat/Day, eventually crossing over to the production side and moving to Los Angeles. With over 20 years of production experience in movies, television, commercials and live concerts, she brings both a wealth of knowledge and a down home personal touch to all of her projects.


david David Banks
Co-Founder/Chief Creative Officer

Chicago born, David’s career path began as an editor in Paris – he’s still fluent in French – then around the planet covering events like the Olympics and the Tour de France, earning six Emmy Awards. He finally landed in Los Angeles and in movie marketing, founding Double-Wide with his passion for storytelling in all forms. He lives by the theory that work is like being at a great dinner party: when everyone brings something to the table, everyone has a good time. Good people having fun always produce the best work, so come join the party.


leslie Leslie Harro
Executive Producer

Leslie was born in the Southern California desert and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Her career is built around her passion to work with directors in bringing their creative visions to life. Her work has won multiple awards, including a Cannes Lion, and been seen in the Super Bowl. She is also the co-founder of the Where2 mobile app and acts as a Literary Mentor in the Los Angeles School District. Leslie aspires to create content with authentic and kind visionaries.
nick Nick Losq

Nick Losq starting his career at 19, doing storyboards for live-action and animated features, among them Kung Fu Panda and Madagasgar, all while earning his degree from UCLA. Just after graduating, he started directing commercials full time, and was nominated at Cannes as part of their Young Director Showcase. In addition to his commercial work, Nick is currently developing a mixed media TV series with Disney.
gab Gab Taraboulsy

To say Gab is all about food understates the artistry, craft and love he brings to his work. He puts the same passion into filmmaking that his master chefs put into their culinary creations. His work has earned a Best Documentary Series Webby Award, and has even been recognized by the James Beard Foundation. A Montreal native transplanted to California, Gab is crazy about baseball and now bleeds Dodger Blue.
rob Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie grew up wanting to be “Alice Cooper, Steven Spielberg, Bela Lugosi, and Stan Lee,” so he’s doing okay in the wish fulfillment department. With a massive and intensely loyal fan base, Rob’s artistry and vision are instantly recognizable in both music and movies. He’s sold more than 17,000,000 albums, has seven Grammy nominations, and has written and directed some of the most memorable feature films of our time. When he’s not touring with his band, Zombie’s really a homebody, hanging out with his wife, Sheri, and their pug, Godzilla.
shawn Shawn Sundby

Shawn started at the bottom, literally, grinding rust off the bottoms of grip trucks. That Shawn sees this as a positive place to start a career tells you a lot about him. As a DP with a strong visual sensibility, Shawn has shot for adidas, Nike, Levi’s, Proctor & Gamble, and more. Being a really nice, no nonsense guy – and a dad – helps him relate as a director to everyone from media savvy pro athletes to young, unseasoned kids. Even when he’s not working, Shawn is surrounded by gorgeous visuals, living in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge.
Craig Craig Teper

Craig is the director of the theatrical feature documentary “Vidal Sassoon, The Movie,” selected for SXSW and the Tribeca Film Festival. Craig has also once had Brad Pitt as a PA, and when he’s not writing, shooting and editing, you will find him cooking while thinking about writing, shooting and editing. Along with his current commercial and branded content work, Teper is developing a new documentary series.